Combining a pastel like light blue or blush pink with black can work really well, especially when you have solid black hair (or black bits in your hair). That’s because the repetition of the black in your outfit creates outfit cohesion, pulling together the look. 

That said, you don’t need to have black hair to successfully wear a pastel with black. Look at how well these ladies wear blush and black:

  1. Modern Retro Fabness
  2. Crisp Modern Classic
  3. Bows, baubles, and messy hair
  4. Hard & Soft
  5. Trapeze blush with a touch of nude
  6. A column of black with blush and a smattering of silver
  7. Hard Edge
  8. Relaxed Elegance

Examples - 1

If combining black with a pastel feels a little jarring, muddy and harsh, simply add a shade of white, blue denim, silver, or light grey to the outfit. The accent colours soften the palette, which can be a very effective styling tool for those of us with blonde, light grey or red hair. 

These street style shots do a great job of illustrating the addition of the accents:

  1. Rough Around The Edges Boho Fabness
  2. Creamy & Cozy
  3. Skirted and booted with a touch of grey 
  4. Distressed & Pretty 
  5. Mirrors & Ombré 
  6. Oversized Tomboy 
  7. Simple Polished Chic
  8. The Tousled Tux

Examples - 2

I love to wear a pastel like blush pink with black, but as a blonde, do prefer to add a shade of white to the outfit. Off-white pearls, topper, footwear and bag do a marvelous job of softening the palette, AND add outfit cohesion, because the off-white is repeated in my hair. 

Over to you. Do you wear pastels with black? If so, do you prefer to add an accent colour like I do.