Topshop’s low heeled silver Jolene pumps became instant wardrobe workhorses because they’re extremely comfortable, and they can be combined with most things in my wardrobe. They make most outfits look more fashionable, and are eight hour shopping shoes. What a find. 

Unfortunately, they scuff very easily, leaving black marks on the silver leather each time I wear them. The pointy toes were black in no time at all. I tried removing the scuffs with nail polish remover, which was disastrous because it took even more of the silver off the shoe. 

Then I tried applying a little silvery Kyoto Pearl nail polish – a colour I regularly wear on my toenails — and it’s definitely taken the edge off. The nail polish does not remove the black scuff marks completely, but it does make them more tonal and therefore less visible. No more black tips on the points of the shoes. 

You need to apply about three layers of nail polish, and wait for each layer to dry before you apply the next one. Fixing the scuffs of my shoes this way has definitely made me wear them more often because now I don’t feel like I have save them. I’ve also duplicated them so that I have a fresh un-scuffed pair to wear next year.