Harem pants with a subtle or dramatic dropped crotch point continue to trend on the outskirts of mainstream fashion. The silhouette is a very acquired taste, so it’s for good reason that it chugs along as an avant-garde fringe trend with a high longevity factor. My guess is that retail would incur massive losses if they put money behind the item as a mainstream look in countries outside the Middle East. 

More and more of my clients, friends, and our forum members are wearing casual knitted harem pants and enjoying the “just flattering enough” vibe. Funky, unique and very comfortable. Styles with great drape and tapered hems on the leg are key to making the silhouette look more structured and refined. Keeping harem pants outfits neutral seems to work particularly well, as does finishing off the vibe with an unfussy bag. 

When helping clients put together their casual Summer harem pants looks, there are are two fast fall back outfit combinations that always seem to work out. 

1.  Neutral Boxy Cropped Top & Chunky Sandals 

Keeping the top shorter adds structure to the outfit, and lengthens the leg shortening effect of the dropped crotch point. The fluid or oversized fit is important because it complements the volume of the harem pants. High-low hemlines will work as long as the front is quite short, or dramatically asymmetrical. Think knitted tops, gauzy Summer pullovers, or silky cropped blouses.

Chunky sandals with wide straps and a casual integrity are a slam dunk because they tend to ground the volume. Wedges, flatforms or flats get my top vote.

Example 1

2. Denim Jacket, Tee & Sneakers

Combine harem pants with a fairly fluid untucked or semi-tucked T-shirt. Finish off the look with a denim jacket. The semi-tuck of the shirt, the cropped length and scrunched sleeves of the jacket all add structure to the outfit. Sneakers are trendy so why not wear a non-athletic, fashionable pair with harem pants.

Example 2

I love harem pants, but prefer to wear them in a dressy and woven black silk instead of a casual knit. Mine are a lot shorter than what you see here, and because they are dressy, they work with a daintier shoe. My formula for tops and toppers is just the same though. I wear fluid and short knitwear and blouses with cropped jackets to complete my harem pants outfits.  

Over to you. Have you warmed up to harem pants, and how do you like to style them?