It's a myth that "all metallic shoes scuff easily" as that is not my own experience at all. I have several pairs of metallic shoes and none of them are extremely scuffed - accept for the Topshop Jolenes.

See my metallic shoes below:

  • Topshop Jolenes are a scuff-fest, hence my post today.
  • Cole Haan oxfords are almost 5 years old and worn very frequently. Virtually no scuff marks at all. And they are mirrored.
  • Stuart Weitzman loafers are workhorses, and not one scuff mark.
  • Ecco sneakers are used daily to walk Sam, and not one scuff mark.
  • Bella Vita pumps are worn infrequently, but not one scuff mark.
  • Born flats and Aquatalia pumps still look new. No scuffs at all.
  • Franco Sarto Holts have a few scuff marks, but they're barely noticeable.

It's a quality issue on the Topshop Jolenes. And you wonder why I bought another pair. Well. They are VERY comfortable for my fussy feet and I can walk at the speed of light on 8-hr shopping days with clients in them. That's rare for a dressy shoe. Unfortunately, high-end quality leather shoes do not guarantee you comfort these days.