There is nothing new about this combination. In fact, it’s become quite the classic. But it bears repeating because it’s flop-proof, and an easy fast fall back option. Combine a dressy skirt with a denim top or topper. That way, you’ll make a dressy skirt a lot more wearable during the day, increasing its versatility. 

Here are the components of the outfit formula: 

Dressy Skirt: Choose a dressier skirt in a silhouette that tickles your fancy across a solid or pattern. All colour palettes are fab. Feel free to go as dressy as you like on the skirt because denim does a great job of tempering its formality. 

Denim Top or Topper: You have many choices of denim top across countless washes:

  1. Denim Jacket: Button it up and wear it like a top, or leave it loose over a layering piece. A short, fitted style tends to work better over a skirt, but oversized silhouettes are fab too. Non-classic denim jackets can work, and so can white denim. 
  2. Denim or Chambray Shirt: A button-down denim shirt can be a very versatile piece. Choose chambray or tencel when you find denim overly stiff. 
  3. Denim Top: Denim and chambray button-down shirts are not your only option. Check out some alternative styles below.
  4. Denim Vest: A breezier option for hot weather. 

Optional Layering Item: You’ll need a layering piece when you wear a denim jacket or vest. Sometimes all you need is a simple tank top in a neutral colour.

Footwear: Finish off the look with footwear that works with the outfit. No need to choose heels if that’s not your thing. Flats can work just as well, and so can a fun sneaker. 

Accessories: Add handbag, jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired. 

I wear this outfit combination a LOT because it allows me to wear my dressy pieces more often. Also because I like the juxtaposition of casual and dressy. As soon as I bring home a new skirt, it’s instantly paired with one of my denim jackets or shirts. Works every time.

Ensemble: Dressy Skirts & Denim