This ensemble was inspired by a very stylish client who lives in Southern California. Nancy turns 60 this year, enjoys fashion enormously, and likes to look hip and trendy. She leads a casual beach town lifestyle when she’s not working as an interior designer and having meetings with her clients. 

We recently shopped together to sort out her casual and smart casual capsules for the season. The outfit formula here was one of my favourite looks that we put together, combining casual bottoms, a tee, denim jacket and bling. The palette we chose is quite the change for Nancy who wears dark colours most of the time. Instead we shopped for light neutrals and threw in some colour. The exact components of the outfit are represented in this collection. 

The outfit formula combines wardrobe essentials in a current way, and I’m sure you can shop your closets for this one. I’ve chosen olive, white and acid wash lilac because that’s how I styled my client in the look, but feel free to use any colour palette. I’ve also shown the combination in black, grey and blue denim. 

Here are the components: 

Casual Bottoms: Choose olive, toffee, white or stone khakis or cargo pants. Wear them cropped or rolled at the hems. Black, blue, grey or white denim jeans will also work. Choose them in ankle baring styles so that you can add trendy footwear. 

Tee: Choose your favourite style of T-shirt in white, grey or black. Semi-tuck the front for structure, and add a belt for extra polish. Or wear the tee out over fitted jeans. Feel free to add a patterned or slogan tee if solids are not your preference. 

Denim Jacket: Choose an oversized OR tailored denim jacket to layer over the top of the tee. Scrunch the sleeves for textural interest and structure. I’ve shown both denim jacket silhouettes in the Polyvore set. By all means wear the formula with blue jeans and blue denim jacket for a denim on denim look (I wear that version myself). Or wear a white denim jacket. It’s all good.

Footwear: Wear high-vamped casual and trendy footwear like sneakers, cut-out booties, caged sandals, ankles strap flats, gladiators or oxfords, to work with the ankle baring lengths of the pants. 

Bling: Add a little neck or arm candy for a touch of glam. 

Rest of the Accessories: Finish off the outfit with a bag that works with the vibe and palette. Add eyewear and watch as desired.

Ensemble: Casual Pants, Tee, Denim Jacket & Bling

My client Nancy kindly sent me a photo of herself back home in California wearing the outfit. She loves the outfit and looks fabulous! Nancy, thanks for being an inspiration to us all.