This ensemble was inspired by my own outfit combinations that I’ve been wearing quite a bit since getting a plaid shirt from Banana Republic last year. I wear white jeans year round, which look particularly equestrian when worn with tailored tall riding boots. A turtleneck layered under the plaid shirt adds a retro ’70s touch. Sometimes I layer a Heattech thermal tee under the shirt for a less insulating variation. I finish off the outfit with coat and bag, and I’m good to go.

Here are the exact pieces from my own wardrobe. I alternate between my yellow and red coats, and gold and red clutches.

Use any colour palette for the outfit formula. In the ensembles below I’m showing two renditions. The one on the left is similar to my own version, and the one on the right is more relaxed and neutral.

Ensemble: Equestrian Plaid & Boots

Here are the components:

Plaid Shirt: Choose any style of casual plaid shirt. Wear it untucked, fully tucked or semi-tucked with a belt.

Visible Underlayer: Layer a turtleneck or long sleeved T-shirt under the shirt to create an interesting effect. Unbutton the shirt so that you can see the underlayer. Scrunch the sleeves of the shirt (but not the underlayer) to showcase the layers. 

Jeans: Choose sleek jeans that can be tucked into tall flat riding boots. I chose white because that’s the most equestrian, but feel free to wear grey, blue or black. Ponte pants and leggings will work if you keep the shirt untucked. 

Footwear: Choose tall flat riding boots, mid-calf moto boots or jodhpur boots in black, brown or cognac. I’ve been wearing my new cognac riding boots because they’re less expected than the black, and make for a nice change. I add a cognac belt that matches the boots to pull together the look.

Coat: Top the lot off with a coat that works with the outfit. I usually wear my old dressy tomato red coat or my casual citron peacoat. Sometimes I throw on the ink military coat too. Feel free to keep the ensemble very neutral with a black or grey coat. 

Accessories: Finish off the outfit with a handbag that’s to your taste. I add a gold clutch for a bit of glam and daytime sparkle, or my suede tomato red clutch to dress things down. Add jewellery, eyewear, watch and headgear as desired. 

The ensemble is a combination of modern classics that can be interpreted in any way at all. Let those creative juices flow.