Layering a turtleneck under a button-down shirt is another way to insulate a shirt in cold weather. It’s a nod to ‘70s fashion that’s very Ralph Lauren, and I’m loving the Modern Retro combination. The pictures below represent the look well. 

To my eye a snug, fine gauge turtleneck sweater is best because the texture looks more intentional and Winter-y, and the tight fit works comfortably under a shirt. But a cotton turtleneck in a jersey knit (T-shirt material) will also work. Finish off the casual outfit with a pair of ‘80s style skinnies — cropped or full-length — and a pair of boots, bag and topper, and you’re good to go. Personally, I prefer the shirt half way buttoned and semi-tucked with scrunched sleeves (like example #1). But wearing it untucked with scrunched sleeves works well too (see example #2). I’m also liking the chunky bling necklaces that are layered over the turtleneck and under the shirt. Festive.  

Plaid shirts and denim shirts are the classic choice to wear with a layered turtleneck because their weights are substantial, which complements the weight of the sweater. However, lighter weight turtlenecks and blouses can also be worn in the combination (see example #3).

Polo Ralph Lauren Plaid ShirtDenim & Supply Ralph Lauren Flannel Utility ShirtRAG & BONE Suede Skinny Pants

I wore this combination a few days ago. I layered an old black body con turtleneck under a new plaid shirt, and combined it with old low-rise skinnies, a cognac belt, cognac knee-high boots, gold clutch and ink military coat. Here are the exact items from my wardrobe that made up the outfit. The combination felt fresh and very toasty. My love for Retro Futurism continues.

Next time I’m going to put together an even more ‘70s version of the concept by combining the semi-tucked layered turtleneck and plaid shirt with flared jeans, a vintage leather jacket with faux fur trim, gold clutch and rust booties. Would you layer a turtleneck under a button-down shirt, ‘70s style?

Two of my examples above come from Macy’s. Reminder that the Macy’s Friends and Family sale, which discounts brands that rarely go on sale, ends in a few days. You can use the code FRIEND to get 25% off until the 10th.