It seems fitting to talk about green at this time of year because, like red, it’s thought of as a Christmassy colour. All shades of green count, from muted olive or rich forest greens, to brighter chartreuse, emerald, lime and neon greens. 
Forest green used to be a mainstream colour. It has made a bit of a comeback recently and I believe it can go mainstream again. I have plenty of clients who adore this shade of green and would like to see more of it at retail. It works well with neutrals like black and white and is sufficiently muted to be combined like a neutral. 
Emerald green was Pantone’s colour of the year a few seasons ago, and chartreuse floats in and out of fashion. We see olive in all its shades every year and it is gaining momentum. Neon green was big in the ‘80s, and lime or apple green had its fashionable moment in the ‘90s. Neither colours have gone mainstream since then. 
I don’t think that green wardrobe items should be saved for festive holiday dressing. If you like the colour, wear it year round whenever it strikes your fancy. Wear it with shades of red if that makes you happy. Why not! 
JASON WU Gathered Ponte DressBURBERRY PRORSUM Color-block Fringed Wool-blend Felt PonchoSHRIMPS Abatha Two-tone Faux Fur Coat
MISSONI Zigzag Boucle-trimmed Wool CoatBOTTEGA VENETA Satchel Intrecciato Leather Shoulder BagJONATHAN SAUNDERS Carmen Color-block Wool Coat
Lime green is my favourite colour. In fact, something between a lime and apple green was one of the main colours in the original YLF site design. Although I don’t wear much green clothing, I do wear bright green specs every single day. My iPhone 6 Plus case is lime green, and so is the beaded tissue holder that I keep in my handbag. I also have a cropped neon green Spring coat that makes me smile. I LOVE green. How about you?