It’s not often that a wardrobe item makes it past the seven year mark. Our style preferences change, our lifestyles change, our weight fluctuates, and often the quality of the piece does not hold up for longer than five years. Yet some wardrobe items do earn a place in your closet for many years. 

These are the pieces in my wardrobe that have made it past the seven year mark and are still in regular rotation.

  • I’ve had the black parka for eleven years, although it was exiled to a holding zone for six of them. 
  • I’ve had the mixed media black L.A.M.B jacket for eight years and wear it very regularly because of the tailored fit, luxurious quality, and interesting design.
  • The black moto with silver trim is ten years old and comes in handy when I need a cropped jacket to create interesting and flattering proportions. It’s a classic.
  • The cream leather jacket was a present from Greg eight years ago that I wear frequently in white-out ensembles. Another classic.
  • I’ve had the zippered skinnies for seven years and I’m wearing them more regularly this year now that I’m back to tucking jeans into boots.
  • The polkadot blouse is a seven year old darling with great drape. I like wearing it with my new light grey moto jeans, which injects newness into the ensemble.
  • The rust ‘70s jacket has been mine for 10 years and has become my go-to ultra casual topper for milder weather.
  • And last, the Chanel clutch is twenty-two years old, and comes out on special occasions. 

In an era of throwaway fashion and where purging our closets to minimal status is popular, it makes me feel GREAT that I’ve had these pieces for years and am still wearing them with a happy heart. Their quality has held up really well. I’ve also got a slew of six year old pieces — like my beloved Valentino handbag — that will join this collection next year. 

Three cheers for wardrobe golden oldies that haven’t let you down. Join me in celebrating YOUR golden oldies in the comments section.