This ensemble was inspired by my clients who enjoy wearing mustard. They often combine mustard with blue to cool down the palette. Dark blue pieces like jeans and a coat are easy options because most people have one or both of these in their wardrobes. 

Think of any way to combine mustard with dark blue. Incorporate mustard in small or large doses. Here are the casual components of the outfit formula. 

Jeans: Choose a pair of dark blue jeans in a silhouette that tickles your fancy. 

Top: Choose a dark blue or mustard top in a solid or pattern. Wear it untucked over the jeans, or semi tucked if that’s your preference. I’ve chosen a mustard plaid shirt, a solid ink pullover, and cropped ink windowpane pullover. Create a column of colour with an ink top and add mustard accessories for a Mustard-Lite look. 

Topper: Choose a casual ink blue or mustard coat, cardigan, sweater coat or jacket. 

Footwear: Choose black, ink, cognac or mustard casual footwear that works with the jeans. I also threw in some forest green just for fun. 

Accessories: Choose a casual mustard bag if that’s the only way you’ll incorporate mustard into the outfit. Otherwise add a cognac, black, orange or burgundy bag. Forest green is fun too. A mustard scarf is another way to incorporate mustard. Add jewellery, eyewear, watch and headgear as desired. 

I haven’t included examples here, but mustard and dark blue also works well in dressier combinations for business casual. 

Ensemble: Casual Mustard With Jeans