The poncho is a very easy piece to have in your wardrobe. Dress it up or down and add instant drama to your outfit. There are all sorts of ways to incorporate ponchos into outfits, and here are two to get you started. The version on the left is casual, and the version on the right is dressy. Choose any colour palette. 

Poncho & Jeans

The easiest way to style a poncho is with jeans. Choose jeans that are fitted on the thighs to offset the volume of the poncho. Choose a layering top like a shirt, knitted top, pullover, blouse or tee. Wear the layering top untucked or semi-tucked with a belt. Add footwear, like booties, that work with the jeans and drape a poncho over the top. Make sure you like the outfit without the poncho so that you feel fab when you need to remove it. A satchel works best with a poncho because shoulder bags and crossbody bags won’t stay put. 

Poncho & Black Support Act

Drape a poncho over a black sheath dress and finish off the outfit with pumps or boots. Add a satchel and jewellery of your choice. Or drape a poncho over a pair of black trousers and top, thereby creating a column of colour under the poncho. As an alternative I’ve used a black polka dot blouse to break up the column of black. Choose shoes that work with the bottoms. Add jewellery, eyewear and watch as desired. 

A brooch can be used to fasten a poncho that is open in front. For ponchos that only have a neck opening, it can be pinned close to the neckline and over to one side as a decorative extra.

Ensemble: The Easy Poncho