Speaking of ponchos, I first saw this poncho when Alaskagirl linked it on one of Ms. Mary's threads and I was instantly obsessed. I love chevron patterns and turquoise/teal and mustard. And I love Missoni and had bought a bunch of stuff when they had the Missoni x Target collection. So I immediately went to add the poncho to my Nordstrom cart, but it was out of stock! And it was nowhere to be found anywhere else online. I kept checking every day to see if it would come back in stock, but nothing for weeks. I saw another Missoni poncho at Neiman Marcus online that I also liked. After several weeks, I finally decided to try it, and also ordered a scarf in the turquoise pattern from Nordstrom. I had all but given up on the turquoise poncho, especially because it disappeared from my cart and wish list (i.e. it wasn't even showing the pic and saying "not available"--they had completely removed the item from the website). But one day I checked (about three weeks since I started looking) and suddenly it was back in stock! I immediately pounced. Here it is, what do you think? I wore #1 to work today. Now I'm wondering what I should do with the second poncho. I really really like it but am wondering if I can justify another one.

The pros are that I really love the colors and pattern--I really like the berry color for autumn (the turquoise seems like more of a spring/summer color). Plus it appeals to my matchy matchy tendencies--it would match so well with a Missoni Target cape I bought for DD back then. It's a 2T-3T, so it's a bit small on her, but she's so tiny it still looks OK (even though she's 8!!) Or I could try to find a bigger one on Ebay. How cute would that be if we wore our matching Missoni ponchos?! Also I got that one for 25% off with a NM promotion, so it's cheaper. On the other hand, I'm a little unsure about the length--it is longer than the other one and wondering if it looks too big and overwhelming, especially since the pattern is so dramatic (I'm pretty sure if DH saw this one he would comment on the crazy pattern/colors). Also not crazy about the fringe, but I could live with it. But I kind of irrationally love it! The question is whether two Missoni ponchos is too much, or are they different enough I can wear both? They are so light yet cozy and with the Bay Area climate I could wear them nearly year round. The other option is to buy a scarf. I think I'm going to return the turquoise scarf since I finally got the turquoise poncho, but there is a purple scarf which I could order in lieu of the berry poncho. It is much more subtle and would be different from the turquoise poncho. The truth is though, I'm not much of a scarf gal. I hardly ever wear them because they just feel like they're dangling and in the way at work or with toddlers (risk of strangulation, haha). Ponchos just seem more like "me" than scarves so I think I'd get more use out of another poncho than a scarf.

And full confession, I already have two other solid color ponchos:
http://goldenpig.lookfab.com/p.....ncho-punch (Although I could probably purge the purple one if needed.)
So, what do you think? How poncho crazy can I get? Can I justify keeping a second Missoni poncho or not? Enable me or else slap some sense into me!

ETA (see below thread): found an orange/purple version of my turquoise one! It's backordered, but it will be perfect!

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