I’ve been wearing the same cold weather casual uniform for years. It combines boyfriend jeans with a pullover, belt and booties. I faux-tuck a relatively fine gauge pullover to showcase the belt, and roll the hems of the jeans to showcase the bootie. A coat goes over the top for extra insulation and that’s that. 

But I need a change, so I’m trying out a look that is more sleek and feminine. It combines a chunkier pullover with cropped kick flare jeans, and booties with higher shafts. The pullover is worn untucked so there is no need for a belt. The booties must have high shafts in order to cover the leg exposure caused by the shorter length of the jeans. That way I can wear socks for warmth but keep them hidden by the shaft of the bootie. The subtle flare at the hem of the jeans adds a romantic and trendy touch. Coat, bag, eyewear and watch finish off the look.

Here’s an example of the new-to-me outfit formula with the exact pieces from my wardrobe. Although not essential, it’s preferable for the pullover to have an interesting hemline like the one on the Marc Jacobs turtleneck sweater, because the detail adds visual pizazz. Creating a low contrast between the booties and cropped jeans lengthens the leg line, especially when the booties are heeled. I’ve added a high-contrast pullover here, but a low-contrast option will enhance the vertical integrity of the outfit even further. And as another option, a roomy cropped pullover lengthens the leg line from the hips up. 

It hasn’t been cold enough to wear the look out yet, but I’ve experimented with the combination at home to make sure that I like the proportions. I do! It feels fresh and comfortable, and will probably become my casual cold weather uniform.