Booties with higher shafts are one way to refresh your wardrobes for Fall & Winter. The higher shaft should cover the ankle and finish one to three inches above the ankle bone. They are shorter than mid-calf boots. The idea is that you wear them with trendy cropped pants or jeans, or with pants and jeans that are rolled at the hems to create a cropped length. The extra length in the shaft compensates for the length lost in the cropped pants or jeans. The combination allows you to cover up leg skin and socks in cold weather. This is a MUCH warmer and more practical pairing than exposing leg skin with regular booties and cropped pants or jeans. 

Here’s an assortment of dressy and casual high-shaft booties to get you started. Some styles have been winners on clients and forum members. I’ve included a few lace-up options because the silhouette can be more comfortable against the shin. Be sure to browse through the multiple colour options. 

Visit the collection page to see the items alongside my descriptions.