Very few grey items are actually pure grey. Most often they have a touch of colour, some tending to a warm taupe while others are a lot more cool and blue. This makes it unexpectedly hard to match multiple greys in one outfit. You think that a pair of grey shoes will work perfectly with a particular grey top, but when you put on the outfit it looks quite off. 

Here are three simple ways to deal with this challenge when integrating grey footwear into outfits.

Make Your Footwear the Only Grey

First, the obvious solution. Avoid the problem entirely by making your footwear the only grey in the outfit. You may still want to consider the warmth of the grey and how that complements other colours in the outfit.

Bookend Your Footwear to Grey Hair

If you happen to have grey hair, bookend the look by choosing a matching grey for your footwear. This will instantly pull together the look. It also makes the combination more forgiving of other greys in the outfit.

Wear a Metallic Grey

A metallic shade of grey is more versatile. The shiny integrity of the finish draws attention away from any touch of colour in the grey, and as a result it’s easier to pair with other greys in the outfit, and other colours in general.

Of course, mismatching the greys in your outfit is also stylishly acceptable, so feel free to do just that if the juxtaposition of different greys doesn’t bother you. Wearing items that don’t match, but still work, is a modern dressing concept that can be quite liberating.