If you like to wear dresses for Summer, I highly recommend the handkerchief hem dress. The jagged effect of the asymmetrical hemline creates an interesting and flattering effect. Combining it with a pair of comfortable sandals is the easiest Summer ensemble of them all. 

I’ve shown five handkerchief hem dresses here, each with a different vibe. Some are casual and others are more dressy. Choose any colour in a pattern or solid.

Here are the components:

Dress: Choose a handkerchief dress in a length that tickles your fancy. I’ve chosen a sleeveless maxi dress, a very fitted flared dress, a baby doll style, a shirt dress, and a striped sack dress. Note that the dresses can define OR surrender the waistline. 

Footwear: The footwear sets the mood of the outfit. Of course, a pair of gladiators or classic wedge sandals will work with any of these dresses, but if you’re after a more trendy look, choose another style of shoe. Think slides, Birkenstocks, chunky soft bed sandals, chunky platform sandals, d’Orsay flats, ankle strap flats, ankle strap pumps, sandal booties, flat oxfords or slip-on sneakers. 

Accessories: Finish off the outfit with a bag that works with the look. Add jewellery, eyewear, watch and headgear as desired. 

A topper like a denim jacket, a vest or a short fitted blazer with rounded front hems is a slam dunk for this style of dress. But worn without a topper, the fabulous dress and your shoes do the talking. I vote this minimal combination best of all.

Ensemble: Handkerchief Hem Dress & Sandals