If you are looking for ideas on what to wear to the weddings you’ve been invited to this Summer, then these links might come in handy.

Jess Carter-Morley at The Guardian suggests pairing an off-the-shoulder top — also known as the “Bardot” — with a patterned maxi skirt and comfortable sandals.

PopSugar has 30 dresses you can wear to anything from a casual backyard wedding to a fancy black-tie event.

Fashionista suggests trying one of these two-piece dresses for a Summer or Fall ceremony.

Fab Links from Our Members

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UmmLila directs us to an article about “fashion tech” companies like Stitch Fix who are using algorithms and personal stylists to sell women the priceless commodity of confidence.

Deborah recently discovered The Third Person, an Australian blog with thoughtful and informative posts.

As if high heels weren’t risky enough. Laurinda lets us know that now there is a medical risk associated with skinny jeans: Compartment Syndrome. Forum member Alaskagirl started a thread about it on the forum.

Gardenchick found an interesting article on going grey, a topic that is often discussed on the forum.

Michelle came across an article stating that Zara is facing accusations of racial discrimination, and wonders if you have experienced anything of the sort.