I’ve worn this outfit three times in one month because of its high happiness factor. It is not the most conventionally flattering combination, but I feel fab wearing it because it’s graphic, comfortable, bold, and slightly playful. Most importantly, it feels different to many of the outfits I’ve been wearing over the last four years and is more in line with recent shifts in my style

I’ve mentioned that I want to amp up the feminine integrity of my outfits with tailoring, visible softness, lighter colours and pretty items. The outfit with the sea foam leather jacket — another favourite that I’ve worn multiple times — ticks off all the boxes. Comparatively, this combination is less pretty, light and soft, but it’s adequately tailored with the addition of skinnies, dressier loafers, a fitted trench coat and structured bag. The white accents add some softness, as does the light blue and satin texture of the bottoms. The part that adds a significant  amount of softness to my outfits these days is the new ‘do, which is quite practical. And to my eye, the citron and turquoise components provide ample pretty. 

Graphic Spring - Coat Full

Graphic Spring - Coat Close

Graphic Spring - Coat Close

The top, trousers, loafers and handbag are new this season, but the trench coat and sunnies are five years old. Creating an outfit that remixes old pieces with new ones puts a spring in my step. It gives me the satisfaction of knowing that I’ve created a cohesive wardrobe and that I’m appreciating old favourites. I have one pair of sunglasses with prescription lenses, which is why you see me wearing the same pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers repeatedly. 

Graphic Spring - Top with Bag

Graphic Spring - Top with Bag

The Trouvé contrast underlay sweater piqued my interest because of the high neckline, slim-fit sleeves, graphic integrity, and two-for-one concept with the shirttail underlayers. It provides the illusion of layering a pullover over a shirt with a lot more ease and comfort. The tapered shape of the sweater portion against the high-contrast woven white fabric creates a slimming effect, both at the front and back, which offsets the boxiness of the long, oversized piece. The colour blocked side view of the top is interesting too. These distinctive details, along with the curve of the hemline, are visually clever and appeal to me most about the top. 

Graphic Spring - Sailboats

A boxy top works well with sleek bottoms that add structure to the volume. I didn’t like the pullover paired with sleek black or denim blue skinnies quite as much, which is why I’ve stuck to light blue satin trousers. The high-contrast top and bottom combination, left untucked and worn with high-contrast flats, is leg shortening. A tucked or partially tucked top and heels would have been instantly more lengthening and would have created more flattering proportions. Alternatively, creating a low-contrast between the top, bottom and footwear with white jeans would have prevented the stumpiness created by the flats and multiple horizontal lines. I will certainly wear the top that way too. 

Graphic Spring - Top Full

Graphic Spring - Top Side

Graphic Spring - Horizon

It’s been perfect trench coat and leather jacket Spring weather in Seattle. My old Karen Millen citron trench is my favourite trench of all time because of the cut, fit, quality, fabrication and colour. (I wish I could replicate it in a stone or toffee with black buttons). I chose this topper instead of a black, denim or white option because it added an extra dimension of colour, which makes me happy. It also adds a classic and tailored vibe. 

Graphic Spring - Lake Washington

I finished off the look with white slipper flats because they pick up the white in the top, and because they add a lightness and crispness to the outfit. I’m fine with their less-than-elongating visual impact because they’re extremely comfortable, and to my eye look just flattering enough. The turquoise Furla satchel adds a fifth colour to the mix. A little jarring and mismatched for some, but because I so enjoy wearing happy colours, the combination is quite soothing to me. 

I’ve done a lot of Spring shopping this year, and many of the items — like the bag and the flats in this outfit — are already becoming wardrobe workhorses. My citron trench works hard every Spring, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing a lot more of this underlay sweater with white skinnies and white flares.