This capsule was inspired by a very casual warm weather look that I recently created with a client who will be off from work and spending Summer with her kids. Many of the items I link to in the post are the exact pieces that we bought (they are also available in the collection at the end). 

A few points upfront: 

  • My client likes to wear a combination of trends and classics, enjoys pattern mixing, and requires a certain amount of ladylike pretty in her style.
  • The palette is black, white, grey and blue with a touch of coral. There’s quite a bit of white because my client likes to wear white wardrobe items. She has black hair, which picks up the black in the palette. 
  • My client does not like to wear woven tops, so all the tops here are knitted. Feel free to add casual woven tops into the mix.
  • We did not include skirts because it was easier to create outfits with non-skirt bottoms. 
  • Although the capsule is casual, my client prefers to sport a dressy satchel and refined footwear.
  • Toppers are not included here, but a modern classic silver trench coat, black moto and denim jacket are sitting in my client’s closet back home, ready for those cooler Seattle Summer days.

There are five bottoms, nine tops, four pairs of shoes, a bag, sunglasses and a scarf. This ratio is not cast in stone, but these quantities did allow us to adequately refresh my client’s look for the season. We made sure that the pieces we bought worked well with some existing wardrobe items: blue and white boyfriend jeans, denim shorts, more knitted tops and tunics (in the same palette across solids and patterns), and silver, white and black pairs of flats. 

The tunics work over the leggings and skinnies. The solid tops and some of the printed tops can be worn with the printed culottes. All the tops work with the shorts, white skinnies and cropped slim straight jeans.The solid footwear can be worn with any of the combinations. The floral Birkenstocks can be worn with fewer combinations.

Here are the components of the capsule: 


My client wanted a tailored change from boyfriend jeans so we chose three sleek fashionable bottoms. She also wanted a pair of shorter denim shorts for hot days. I suggested a soft pair of culottes as a trendy addition to the mix. The five bottoms are different from each other in colour, and for the most part in silhouette. 

  1. Black leggings to wear with the tunics.
  2. White high-waisted cropped skinnies to wear with all the tops. 
  3. Faded green-blue slim straights to wear with all the tops. 
  4. Boyfriend shorts to wear with the cropped and regular length tops.
  5. Soft printed culottes to wear with the solid tops and printed white tee. A patterned bottom makes for a nice change, and is a trendy choice to boot. 

IMPORTANT: We chose sleek jeans and culottes with high rises so that they can be worn with cropped tops. The cropped jeans can be rolled at the hem with all styles of footwear, or left unrolled and paired with ankle strap footwear. 


We chose seven casual tops that vary in colour, fabric and silhouette, but they are all knitted. Fits are fluid or oversized. Some tops are modern classic while others are trendy. That way there is ample variety. 

  1. Grey V-Neck cocoon tunic: It’s actually a short dress that works well as a tunic. 
  2. Ink tiered pullover: Romantic and good on a chilly Spring and Summer day. 
  3. Blue linen cross stripe tee: The diagonal stripes add interest to the classic piece. 
  4. White Cold Shoulder Slub Tee: The swingy silhouette is fun and the cold shoulders are alluring.
  5. White waffle-knit cropped top: Sporty Luxe and trendy. A boxy cut is the way to wear the look with skinnies. 
  6. Grey marled double shirttail pullover: A little asymmetry for an arty touch. 
  7. White slogan tee: A playful and extra casual addition.  
  8. Black cowl neck knit top: A classic. 
  9. Blue printed georgette paneled sweater: A more bold and dressy piece than the others. 

Some of the tops can be partially tucked into the jeans, shorts and culottes. The cropped tops aren’t very short, and my client is petite. So with the addition of the high-rise jeans, there is sufficient coverage. 


We made sure that the shoes were trendy because they add pizzazz to the outfits. My client prefers to wear pointy toe flats for casual days because they add an elegant and feminine touch to her look. But she also likes to wear fashion sneakers so I suggested a pair of slip-ons. And although my client does not like to wear sandals, she fell in love with the floral Birkenstocks because they are fun, breezy, comfy, and of course, completely on trend

  1. Coral d’Orsay flats: Coral complements blue, and is a colour my client can wear on her feet (too warm next to her face). It provides a pop of happiness. 
  2. Black ankle strap flats: I suggested another pair of black flats because it bookends her hair. The ankle strap style closes the gap on the cropped lengths of the jeans
  3. Metallic slip-on sneaker: Versatile and good for parks and walks. 
  4. Floral Birkenstocks: Fun in a floral, and great on extra hot days. 


We added a crisp white satchel because it kicks up the dressy factor and the polish of the outfits. My client has wanted a four season Burberry scarf for some time, so we added one in a light tan silk wool blend. It can be worn with all solid tops, and some of the patterns. A fedora is on the shopping list, but eyewear and watch are sorted. Diamond and pearl stud earrings will be worn with these outfits each day. 

My client has existing casual dresses that work well with the footwear, hat, scarf and bag of this capsule. She also has a grey and yellow crossbody bag to create a more casual look. This will be it for my client for Spring and Summer. No more shopping until the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, where she will shop for Fall and Winter items. She is set, and is enjoying her warm weather refreshers.

Summer Casual Capsule