Jeans and trousers with flared hems like bootcuts, wide legs and bell bottoms are making a strong comeback for 2015. The writing was on the wall (and in my trend report) last year when many designers sent trousers with wider hems down the runways. Flared silhouettes are even stronger for 2015. 

Among my favourite runway looks from the Spring 2015 shows were these outfits from Emilio Pucci’s Collection. I was launched into orbit by the swagger and drape of the flared hem trousers, combined with tailored blouses, blazers and wide belts. So elegant, sharp and chic in a relaxed way. And ultra fresh against the unstructured and slouchy looks that have dominated the catwalks for several seasons. These are the types of dressier ‘70s inspired outfits that light my fire.

Emilio Pucci - 1Emilio Pucci - 2Emilio Pucci - 3Emilio Pucci - 4

Reality struck when I remembered three things that can make flared jeans and trousers challenging for me:

  1. The Need to Wear Higher Heels: It’s not essential to wear bootcuts and more dramatically flared hems with higher heels, but I prefer it that way for my own style. I find these looks more elegant with a long leg line. I like my own flared jeans best when I wear them with a two or two and a half inch pointy toed heel, but I’m much more comfortable wearing footwear with heel heights an inch and a half or lower. 
  2. Soggy Hems: When you wear flared jeans and trouser hems extra long like I do, almost skimming the surface of the ground like the models are sporting here, you need dry weather. In wet weather it’s a formula for soggy hems. That’s a tall order living in Seattle. And I am non-negotiable about the length. 
  3. Tripping Over Wide Hems at Home: We don’t wear shoes in our house. Since my flares are hemmed for heels, this means socks or slippers and tripping over floppy hems. Not so fab. 

Tapered hems are much better suited to my footwear needs, climate and lifestyle. That said, I do have three pairs of flared leg bottoms that fit like a dream and are excellent quality, (black wide legs, grey pinstripe suit trousers, and bell bottom jeans). Thanks to the challenges above they don’t come out all that often. 

I’m not giving up though. I can’t do much about our rainy Seattle weather, but perhaps I can get my head around wearing flares with a one and a half inch heel, and maybe it’s worth the extra hassle of changing out of them when I’m back home for the day.

Anthropologie Flecked Brighton Trousers