This is what I’ll be wearing next week on Thanksgiving Day, after I’ve finished cooking for the potluck we’re having at dear friend Meredith’s house. It’s comfortable, warm, casual yet a little dressy, and most importantly – roomy. I know better than to wear a body con sheath dress on a day that is about eating lots of food and relaxing with friends. 

The cream cable knit sweater is the only new item in the outfitGreg bought it for me four months ago for my birthday just as the new Fall collections were hitting stores. He loves it when I wear cuddly knitwear, and I love that Greg has impeccable taste and found this piece for me. I instantly adored it and rejoiced in the fact that it’s not scratchy and that the sleeves had length. This cabled darling hits all my buttons. It’s chunky, yet not overwhelming because of its cropped length. I love the colour and the bulky weight. I love the leather trim on the neck, shoulder and sleeve hems best of all, which is what distinguishes it from the other two cream cable knit pullovers in my closet. 

Jumper Full

Jumper & Clutch

I haven’t been able to wear the new sweater till recently because I had to wait for cold weather. It was hard to see it hanging in my closet for so long because I bat for Team Wear. But now with Winter in full swing I know I’m going to make up for lost time.

Jumper Close

Black bottoms are an obvious pairing because they match the black trim on the sweater. I chose my favorite black bottoms for the pullover’s debut: The Alice & Olivia boot cut pants with wide waistband. They are dressier than jeans, with lots of drape and also a little volume. The volume is important to offset the cropped integrity of the sweater, which is why I did not choose slim fit pants. Later I noticed that the leather trim of the pullover matches the leather trim on the trousers. A tiny nod to the matchy-matchy trend. 

On the Path

I wanted the welt of the cropped sweater to rest on the waistband of the trousers. I wore a patterned Burberry belt because I prefer to fill exposed belt loops. The visual effect is a subtle form of “volume on volume”, which is not everyone’s cup of tea. Tucking a tailored turtleneck into flared trousers is more conventionally flattering, and I certainly wear that combination too. But this combination is more interesting, is on trend and looks fresh to my eye. It’s fun to forgo a little conventional flattery for the sake of fashion, and there is still ample structure in the outfit to suit my style preferences.


I finished off the outfit with a seven year old pair of pointy toe moto shooties that are so beaten up that I have to fill in their bald patches with a black Sharpie pen. But they are super comfy and my favourite hard-to-find low heel height, so I’ll keep them until they are completely unwearable. Specs, watch, wedding ring and small black clutch are all I need in the accessory department.


My old cream double breasted wool coat goes over the entire lot, which I wear both open and closed. The outfit is voluminous when the coat hangs open, and more structured when the coat is buttoned up. I like both versions. 

Coat Open

Coat Closed

Coat Closed

The sweater looks great with a skirt, but trousers are so much warmer. For that reason I have become a trouser gal. I do go through phases of missing my skirts, but they just don’t offer the same insulation. I’m wearing pantyhose under these trousers for extra warmth and will swap out the hose for thermal leggings when temperatures drop even further. I’ll need to live in a warmer climate if I want to wear skirts and dresses more regularly. It’s taken me years to understand this about my style needs, and finally the penny has dropped. I live in Seattle and I bat for Team Trousers.