This outfit is an example of a formula that I wear very frequently because it’s simple, comfortable, practical, warm and just fashionable enough. It combines a pair of jeans with a fluid pullover, pair of on trend booties, a belt, clutch and coat. No scarf or jewellery, apart from a watch, wedding ring and my specs. It’s both a fast fall back outfit, and my casual uniform. 

This rendition of the formula showcases two items I bought at last year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. The Equipment Sloane Print Cashmere Sweater and Burberry Brit Tumblebridge Cotton Peacoat. Both are updated modern classics with a high longevity factor. It’s their fit and trims that add a current flavour. Their finish and fabrication achieves the refinement I seek in most of my wardrobe items.

Monochromatic Modern Coat Open

I don’t normally gravitate to grey items, but the blue flowers on this sweater were love at first sight and had “denim-friendly” written all over them (the yellow light of sunset is turning the grey in these pictures a little warmer than it is in person). Also injecting happiness into the piece is the pattern mixing of the body and sleeves, and the fact that I’m wearing it with my bright green specs. The fluid fit, welt, raglan sleeve and high neckline were further plusses. 

Monochromatic Modern Jumper

Monochromatic Modern - Jumper

The welted style of the sweater lends itself to faux tucking and showcasing a belt. I tuck the welt of the sweater behind the belt to show the buckle. I also tuck a portion of the back welt into the waistband to showcase more of the jeans and belt, leaving the sides of the sweater untucked. I don’t always faux tuck sweaters this way, but lately, I’m in the mood to expose a little bottom curve. 

Monochromatic Modern Jumper & Bag

I’ve wanted a classic Burberry coat for a while, but did not want one in stone or black. When the ink blue darling came my way during the NAS, I took it as a sign and snapped it up right away. Although I bat for Team Gold, I love the brushed silver buttons, which along with the roomier tailored fit gives it a modern integrity. It’s a lightweight topper to wear on milder days, so it’s sufficiently different to my longer and warmer ink blue military coat. I usually wear the Burberry unbuttoned because I like the way it swooshes when I stride. Outfit movement is important to me. But it looks more polished buttoned up, which I rather fancy too. 

Monochromatic Modern - Coat Open

Monochromatic Modern - Coat Open

The J. Brand skinnies are six years old. They’re tight, but their longer length and roomy scrunch from the knee down makes ALL the difference to me, making them feel and look less body con than they are. The zippers on the hems provide a fun detail that sets them apart from other skinny jeans. I like the way they create an asymmetrical line on my boots when I unzip the zipper. These jeans are thick and low rise, which I find very comfortable. So much so that I wear them on very long flights. They always look pristine and do not bag out. It’s no wonder that these are still one of my favourite pairs of jeans. 

Monochromatic Modern - Red Door

The belt, a gift from a friend, and the Zara booties, a few years old, are ink blue. That way they match the coat, and create a softer look than black. The trendy pointy toe on the booties adds more Modern to the outfit, as does the citron clutch (the most used handbag in my wardrobe). I usually wear a belt with this outfit combination for extra outfit interest and polish. Without the belt, I feel unfinished and underdressed. 

Monochromatic Modern - Coat Closed

Monochromatic Modern - Coat Closed

I’ve also worn this exact outfit with AG Nikki relaxed skinny jeans and KUT’s white Catherine Boyfriend jeans. Adding the trendier element of boyfriend jeans makes the outfit more fashionable, but it’s fun to change up the look with tight skinnies

Monochromatic Modern - Woodsy