I debuted a new topper on our recent trip to Los Angeles. It’s the 3×1’s coated zip jacket made of coated stretch denim. It’s quite rigid and I enjoy that because it makes the item look extra pristine. The futuristic funnel neck and graphic black and white colour block detailing made it love at first sight. I enjoy wearing white year round, so the expanse of bright white on the piece sang to me too. I am not a sporty gal, but have thoroughly enjoyed adding the occasional sporty piece — like this jacket — to my wardrobe. 

We shot these photos in sunny Santa Monica at the gorgeously art deco Georgian Hotel. Southern Californian weather beats dodging the rain and chill in Seattle, especially at picture taking time. We need to visit more often. 

Funnel Jacket Open

Funnel Jacket Open

Wearing the jacket open, half zipped, or completely zipped creates different visual effects. Keeping the jacket open and the collar folded down in front, showcases the black parts of the jacket thereby emphasizing its colour blocked integrity. The jacket is a lot more white when zipped up. Zipping it half way creates further variations, and I like them all. The high funnel neck makes my long neck very happy. 

Funnel Jacket Open

Funnel Jacket Partially Closed

Funnel Jacket Almost Closed

Funnel Jacket Closed

The topper makes a strong statement, so a dead simple wardrobe essential like a tailored turtleneck or crew neck looks best underneath. These items in black are a particularly strong pairing because they extend the white and black colour block. I also like the jacket matched with a boat neck in a solid bright, a simple stripe, or a subtle animal print. But the black backdrop is the true winner so that’s how I’ll wear the jacket most of the time.

The soft merino wool of the turtleneck provides a cozy juxtaposition against the rigidity of the jacket. I keep the turtleneck untucked to create a column of colour under the topper. No faux tucking with a belt. 

Turtleneck Close

Turtleneck Full

This is my only pair of dark wash jeans, zippered at the ankles and five years old. They are my second favourite pair of blue jeans, (my jodhpur jeans are my all time favourites), because I love the fit, length, lack of stretch, comfort and low rise. They never bag out and always look polished. My goodness, though. These skinnies feel really tight now that I wear looser jeans and trousers more frequently. But I do enjoy the change of silhouette so it’s all good. 

I first paired my flat white Beatle booties with the outfit and liked that combination. But wearing bright white footwear reduced the statement of the white jacket, so I swapped them out for booties that are a similar colour to the jeans. Greg much preferred the outfit with dark booties, and so do I. 


I had a sleek pair of black patent pointy toe booties with a low heel on my shopping list. After trying on designer pair after designer pair, nothing quite fit the bill. Toe boxes were the wrong shape, heels were too high or too low, and a little rubbing discomfort on the shin was usually the case. Plus I have little tolerance for booties that gape at the ankles these days, so that was a problem too.

To my surprise, Zara’s ink blue leather ankle boot with neoprene ankle fit the bill perfectly. I don’t normally look to Zara for footwear, so this was another reminder to leave no retail stone unturned. The silhouette and heel height are spot on, and the tailored fit around the ankle is ideal. The neoprene upper is super soft and does not rub at all. These are my “black booties” for the season and I’m thrilled with them. I’ve already worn them seven times in three weeks, increasing their comfort by adding a cushioning insole. I love that they are blue and sufficiently streamlined to wear with skirts and dresses. They aren’t quite as comfy as my lower heeled and flat booties, but I’m not complaining. 

I finished off the outfit with sporty citron clutch, white specs, and silver watch and wedding ring. This is one outfit that does not need extra bells and whistles because of the drama of the jacket. Although the dramatic topper makes the outfit, I also enjoy the simple combination of turtleneck, jeans and boots. Sometimes I’ll keep their fits tailored, like here, and sometimes a lot more fluid and baggy. Either way, it’s a modern classic combination that I will wear forever.

Funnel Jacket Open

Funnel Jacket Awning