Every year around this time, when items are offered at discounted prices, I replenish my much worn hoodies and sweatpants. Invariably I end up purchasing them from American Eagle, again. I’ve been raving about American Eagle hoodies and sweatpants for eight years

There is something about the quality, fit and assortment of colours that keeps me coming back to their products. And the price points are excellent too. Their sweats are very warm, cozy, durable and vibrant. They have plenty of length in the legs and arms. The fleece doesn’t stretch out and look sloppy, and the necklines are sufficiently tailored so that I’m not drowning in the opening. They also launder well, and the colours don’t run or fade in the wash. 

This year I bought American Eagle hoodies in neon and cobalt, and sweat pants in cobalt and charcoal. I need two pairs so that I don’t bottleneck in the laundry. I wear the neon hoodie with the cobalt pants, and the cobalt hoodie with the charcoal pants. I need my sweats to be big and floppy, so I size up in these pieces. You might find that they run a little small, and size up anyway.

My lounging hoodies and sweatpants are wardrobe workhorses because I wear them daily at times when other people might wear a robe. I put them on first thing in the morning before I shower, and again in the evening when we wind down for the day. They never leave the house unless I pack them for travel. I know they look very teenybopper for a 44 year old. In fact Greg commented that my sweats are radioactive this year because they’re even brighter than they usually are. But they continue to fit the bill and make me happy, so why not.