I do the annual loungewear post at this time of year for three reasons. One, the bargains on loungewear cannot be beat just before and after the holidays. Although I bat for Team Full Price, I like to purchase my loungewear on sale. Two, they make practical Christmas gifts. So if you need new loungewear, send Father Christmas a note. And three, we must devote attention to how we lounge at home at least once a year. Our style covers every aspect of our lifestyle, and that includes lounging. 

I actually don’t lounge in loungewear, but wear casual clothes like jeans, with a pullover, shirt or blouse when I’m relaxing at home. I never wear sweats, fleece, yoga wear, leggings or pajamas when I’m at home during the day. Not even when I’m under the weather. That said, I wear my sweats every single day, but more as a robe than loungewear.

I pop on my sweats first thing in the morning over my pajamas (t-shirt and boy shorts). I attend to Rosie, prep the much needed hot drink, check YLF and email before I shower and get ready for the day. I also pop my sweats back on over my pajamas last thing at night after I’ve had another shower and am winding down for the evening. I end up wearing my sweats for a good few hours a day, so making sure that I feel fab in them is important to me. 

I’ve been wearing the same type of sweats for seven years, but replace them annually because they get lots of wear. I get my hoodies and sweatpants from American Eagle and have two pairs in rotation. I mismatch fun bright colours and size up for extra comfort. My sweats do not leave the house unless I’m traveling, in which case I take along a set because they function a lot like pajamas. 

I recently bought the hoodies and sweats below as my annual replenishment. It’s all about sorbet colours this year. I’m 42 and wear teenybopper sweats. I guess that’s my dirty little style secret. Each year I think “this is the year that I’m going to buy grown-up sweats”. But nothing is quite as comfy or cozy as my American Eagle sweats. I like the assortment of colours, quality, fit and price point. And as long as they keep on making me smile, I’ll happily wear them for many more years. 

Over to you. What’s your lounging style and when do you wear lounge clothes? Do you think it’s important to feel fab in lounge clothes like I do, or does it not matter? I’d also love to hear your recommendations for great loungewear.