Would you wear in vitro leather?“, asks EcoSalon. Modern Meadow is experimenting with tissue engineering to create leather in a lab environment, so it would no longer be necessary to “raise, slaughter and transport animals” for the production of fashion items.

While expensive, camel hair is waterproof and it is said to last a lifetime with no pilling, double the warmth of other wool textiles and softening with use. No wonder that camel hair from the steppes of Central and Eastern Asia is very popular among luxury apparel brands.

SeaCell® is a fibre made out of seaweed and wood pulp, certified by the European Ecolabel. The fabric was created by German manufacturer Smartfiber AG and is regularly used for sportswear, yoga clothing, sheets and towels. The idea behind it: “natural, pure and effective active ingredients from the sea should give us and our skin a treat”.

Fab Links from Our Members

A recent Greenpeace study revealed that dangerous chemicals were found in clothing items produced by some of the most well-known global fashion brands. RunnerRae says this makes you really think twice about where you buy your clothes from.

Nadya enjoyed this whimsical illustrated take on how to dress for your body type, and thought it especially appropriate for our Urban Warrior Princesses.

In “What is your acne telling you?” The Beauty Gypsy explains the concept of face mapping. Celia is fascinated by the idea that the way your skin looks can be representative of how healthy you are.

Angie reports that great eye candy can be found at They All Hate Us, a site with a funny name founded by two Australian fashion industry lasses.

Laurinda points us to Sewingplums. She selected items from Eileen Fisher’s Holiday Tool Kit to make tops suitable for her casual chic festive capsule, by translating the pieces for available sewing patterns.

Ceit recommends this article about the difference between glamour and beauty, and how, according to writer Karen von Hahn, Canadians tend to be a little “too risk-averse” when it comes to the former.

The people at Talon Rouge restore and dye weathered or neglected footwear. Vildy was equally intrigued by their skill and the idea of owning something you feel is worth that degree of restoration.