When I work with my clients, we also address lounging style because I think it’s important to feel pretty good in your lounge clothes. This area of one’s style is often neglected because budgets are tight and wearing an old tee and stretched out sweater seems a good enough solution. 

I don’t wear a robe so my loungewear goes on first thing in the morning when I get out of bed. I wear it until I shower and get dressed for the day, and then again after my evening shower. I never wear loungewear during the day — even when I’m relaxing at home, I wear casual clothing with socks and slippers — but I often wear loungewear in the evening when we’re staying in to watch movies. 

For loungewear I prefer sweats over yoga gear, polar fleece, leggings, tees or flannel pajamas. I find sweats perfectly cozy, soft and roomy in all the right places. I wear American Eagle sweat pants and hoodies in very bright, happy colours. Yes, it’s a juvenile look, but the sweats are nice quality, a super fit, and I feel great wearing them because the colours make me smile. And apart from hubby, our doggie Rosie and occasional house guests, no one ever sees me in my vibrant teenybopper sweats. 

I wear my sweats for a couple of hours each day, so come year end they are shot and need replacing. To prevent laundry bottlenecks, I always have two pairs, and I always take advantage of the discounts and purchase them at this time of year. This has been my loungewear capsule and purchasing plan for many years and I am still happy with it. 

Well, if you think about it, loungewear is a wardrobe workhorse like underwear. Like our bras and knickers, our lounge clothes deserve love and attention at least once a year. With the season of giving around the corner, AND the super discounts in stores and online over the next month, you might like to think about updating your loungewear. Perhaps Santa Clause will be extra generous this year. 

What’s your lounging style and when do you wear your lounge clothes? Do you think it’s important to feel pretty good in your lounge clothes, or does it just not matter. Also, feel free to share your favourite lounge clothes with us and where you purchased them. I’d love to hear your recommendations.