Sometimes I think I’m a person of extremes. Friends call me a bit of a tech nerd. I absolutely love my smartphone, use electronic apps to keep track of appointments and projects, send e-cards regularly and love online shopping. Developments in new technology have certainly made my life easier. But I also carry a paper diary in my handbag, and adore cracking open a fresh new notebook and jotting down that first sentence. I have a back-up address book with family and friends’ phone numbers just in case my digital data get lost. And saying that I’m a huge fan of stationery and paper goods would be an understatement. Call me a dinosaur, but for me nothing beats the personal touch of a beautiful, hand-written greeting card or an artfully wrapped present.

That’s another reason why I can never tear myself away from a good bookshop. Nowadays both brick and mortar and online bookstores not only carry books and DVDs on every possible topic, they also have wonderful gift and stationery sections. Books, calendars, organizers, paper goods and other related items seamlessly go hand in hand, so we loved the idea of adding a carefully curated selection of “style merchandise” to YLF Books. Our new Merchandise department opens today and you can browse this section for style-related products and fashion-themed items like calendars, smartphone cases, greeting cards and notebooks. They make for fun and colourful gifts, and the beautiful images and fab designs definitely count as eye candy.

Do you love to send and receive paper greeting cards? Do you still use a paper organizer or calendar or have you gone the electronic route? And would you pick stationery with a fashion theme?

YLF Book Club Starts Today

Today’s the official start date for YLF Book Club, and we’re excited! As you know, we created this online discussion group so everyone can get together to talk about selected books and movies from our bookstore

The last few weeks many readers have told us how much they are enjoying Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange, the first title on our list. Visit the Book Club forum category if you’re curious to hear their thoughts about this fun style guide with a French twist. Or start a new thread of your own to discuss other aspects of the book that have struck a chord with you. 

Quick reminder: On the Book Club page you can find the schedule of previous, current and future Book Club titles.