Maybe you don’t find purchasing sweats and loungewear, sleepwear, knickers, bras and socks boring but I certainly do. Ironically, apart from socks, which are seasonal, I wear the other items every day and for that reason alone they deserve more attention. So in order to ensure that I’m not wearing wretched sweats, stretched out knickers and bras, and worn out socks, I have a loose annual purchasing plan for these items.

  1. Sweats: I wear sweats instead of a robe so they get a lot of daily wear. I like to keep two sets in rotation which last for about a year before they look tatty and stained. I purchase two new sets every year right after Christmas and enjoy the big fat discount.
  2. Sleepwear: This is the only time you’ll see me wearing a t-shirt and I like to sleep in extra soft baby T’s with boy shorts. I refresh my sleepwear capsule when the Summer daylight saving time changes in mid March.
  3. Bras: I have a professional bra fitting each year to make sure I’m still wearing the right size. I do that around my birthday in July when I see my OBGYN and schedule a mammogram. If my bra size has changed or if I need new bras, this is the time to purchase them. July is now officially my breast month.
  4. Knickers: I replace knickers at the same time I do my bra fitting because I’ve got underwear on my mind and I’m spending time in the lingerie department.
  5. Socks: I give my deliberately drab sock collection a little boost at the start of boot wearing season, which is in the middle of September just after the new school year starts.

It’s not essential to have a purchasing plan in place for wardrobe basics. You might do perfectly well refreshing and updating these items as you need them. I’ve found it useful to fit them into an annual shopping plan which is spread out over the year. That way the items are refreshed and not ignored, and once it’s done – it’s done.

When do you purchase wardrobe basics? Do you have a loose plan in place, or do you wait until it’s absolutely necessary?