If you’re after an inexpensive pair of flared jeans, I highly recommend Gap’s Long & Leans. I used to have a pair about seven years ago and was not as happy with the way they looked back then. They bagged out and the fit wasn’t flattering on my thighs and bottom for some reason. But I recently retried the style and I’m pretty sure the quality of the denim AND the fit has changed because now I love them. And judging by the online reviews, I’m not alone. They don’t stretch out, the denim is super soft, and my thighs look fine.

They come up quite high in the rise so I like to wear a belt and tuck in tops with this style. The leg widths are much roomier than my premium denim bootcut styles and the hem width measures 18 inches on small sizes. So with the Long & Leans I can achieve a 70’s flared leg vibe without going too wide on the width of the hems. I can also comfortably sport a one and a half to two inch heel without feeling dumpy or killing the balls of my feet.

Gap’s Long & Leans in a faded wash are my answer to flared 70’s look jeans this season because I don’t want to wear wider hem widths. With a 30% store discount and a 20% discount coupon I got them for a song!  They are available in three different washes, from sizes 00 to 20 across petites, regular and talls. Brilliant.

Note that I have put these in the store, and this post contains affiliate links.