Mine is deliberately drab.

I like to wear very simple socks. They are usually black or dark grey, quite thin, very soft, warm and fairly snug fitting. I wear both knee high socks and ankle length socks under jeans or with boots. Very occasionally I’ll throw in a monochromatic black argyle design, but that’s it. No colours or colourful patterns of any description.

I am about as plain Jane as it gets when it comes to my sock style because I don’t want my socks to interfere with my outfit. Its weird, even though my socks are always hidden, I need them to be as neutral as possible. Otherwise I feel that my outfit is mis-matched, and not in a good way.

When at home I swap out my shoes for slippers and I like to see black or grey socks on my feet with the slippers. I have no explanation for this.

Oh well, I guess I make up for my drab sock personality with a fun hosiery collection. Tell us about your sock style.