There are many, many reasons to love wearing jeans. A flattering and comfortable fit is probably top of the list for most women, and while I do agree that jeans can be flattering and comfy, these are not my top reasons for loving them. Personally, I find a soft pair of baggy wool or cotton trousers a lot more comfortable than a pair of jeans. And a pencil skirt or tailored dress is probably more conventionally flattering. 

Jeans are one of my wardrobe essentials for three completely different reasons.

1. Jeans Are Practical 

Blue, black and grey jeans are extremely practical for just about any task.  No need to worry about flashing your knickers when the wind blows. When I’m wearing my jeans I feel like I can just get on with it. In a skirt, a dress or dressy trousers I feel more restricted.

Denim is a hardy fabric. As we would say in Dutch, “het kan tegen een stootje”, which means that it can take a beating. Blue and black jeans can stay looking crisp and fresh for several wears, making them laundry-friendly and even more durable. 

2. Jeans Are Versatile

Jeans can be dressed up or down, which means that by changing up their support act, we can wear both super casual and dressy smart casual outfits with the same pair of jeans. By changing the flavour of an outfit, we can wear jeans in all sorts of settings and look completely acceptable and appropriate. And since many, many people wear jeans, it’s a way of fitting into your environmental norm. 

On top of that, the most popular colours of denim are versatile neutrals. Somehow even blue denim can work in almost any colour palette.

3. Jeans Are Fashionable

It’s amazing how a good pair of jeans can increase the fashion quotient of a top or topper. Sometimes when a top worn with a skirt or a pair of trousers looks meek and borderline frumpy, you can pair it with a pair of fabulous jeans instead to make the outfit instantly more hip and fashionable. For an extra kick, wear white jeans. They are bright, dressy and crisp. 

I’m not sure what came first: jeans designs getting increasingly fashionable, or jeans becoming acceptable in more situations. But these two trends are moving hand in hand. We are a jeans wearing generation.

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