Toronto-based Medge Beauvoir (26) is a petite 5 foot blogger who shares her outfits over at My Voguish Diaries. She is a neutrals and solids loving gal who likes to add a splash of colour with bright footwear. Her style is feminine, polished, and casual. She is a big fan of skinny jeans, and sports jewellery daily. Medge is also into leather accents, immaculate make-up, and likes to wear mixed media pieces and heels to give herself a boost in height. 

“My style has evolved quite a bit over the last few years. I used to be much more focused on being current and trendy. I think my style used to be loud — loud in a sense that there were a lot of things going on. Like a lot of colour, a lot of layered accessories. Now I find my style to be much more refined, much more minimalist. I’m very picky when shopping now because 1) I don’t want to just splurge on trends that won’t look good on me and 2) It’s easier to get dressed when your closet is stacked with flattering things. What’s better than being trendy is wearing things that flatter my body. That’s why I like simple, classic pieces.”

Medge Beauvoir - 1

As a lover of neutrals, Medge likes to spice up her outfits consisting of mostly solids with bright-coloured footwear. Eye-catching and fun. Here she is sporting a white formfitting just-below-the-knee pencil skirt with a light grey fluid fit sweater. The skirt tapers in at the knee, which streamlines the look and emphasizes our blogger’s curves. Semi-tucking an oversized sweater creates a current effect, de-bombshells the pencil skirt, and lengthens the leg line. This, together with the pointy-toe footwear, helps to diminish the horizontally cutting line of the red ankle strap pumps. A cream, rigid-shaped satchel and chunky silver and rhinestone necklace finish off the look. I particularly love how the white, light grey and cream don’t match but go together to create soft outfit depth.

Medge Beauvoir - 2

Building an outfit around a mixed-media piece is one way Medge creates a visually interesting look with neutral colours. The leather inset sleeves and self-coloured swirl pattern of the pullover create instant textural interest. Our blogger has paired the pullover with black leggings tucked into taupe booties. The side panel on the leggings and suede footwear add further textural accents, as does Medge’s two-toned hair peeking out from under the black knit hat. A gold, oversized chain necklace and big watch add a little bling. The dressy structured handbag is a nice juxtaposition with the casual vibe of the look. A bright pink lip is the cheerful finishing touch.

Here are Medge’s top two tips for putting together visually interesting outfits with mainly neutrals and no patterns

“When sticking to neutrals, I think dressing for your body type is the most important thing. Know your body, know your assets and be honest with yourself. No matter how simple an outfit, if it looks good on the body it’s on, it’s a win. This kind of leads into my next tip, fit and proportion. There needs to be a balance between the two. If I’m going to stick to neutrals, these tips are what I do to make it its best.”

Medge Beauvoir - 3

This sleeveless midi dress is a great length on our blogger, proving once again that petites — Medge is 5 feet — can wear longer length skirts and frocks. The combination of the black and white zigzag pattern with the neon yellow accessories makes me smile. Such a fun and spunky graphic bombshell look. Plus, it’s a great colour palette with Medge’s black hair. The formfitting dress showcases our blogger’s curves. The low-vamped, pointy-toe heels extend the leg line, and bookend the big necklace. It has a cartoon-esque keychain design that fits in well with the colours and pattern of the rest of the outfit, because those remind me of pop art paintings. Two thin cuff bracelets and a black clutch with a bit of sparkle that picks up the colours in the frock, are the other accessories of choice. 

Medge Beauvoir - 4

How could a bright yellow pullover in Winter not make you happy. Its floral cable knit design is unusual, and adds girly charm. I like how our blogger has layered the roomy pullover over an untucked shirt for an on trend and comfortable look. The longer length shirt also creates flattering proportions with the skinny jeans. Plus, the light blue and white checks work beautifully with the mid-blue jeans and booties. Because the skinnies and booties are similar in colour, tucking the jeans creates a long, lean line. Very clever. The suede footwear and knit sweater add textural interest. The hardware on the crossbody bag, Medge’s arm candy, large earrings and pendant necklace provide girly fun.

Medge Beauvoir - 5

A fab ladylike look with soft edge. Our blogger has created a column of colour by semi-tucking a simple white tee into a a cream midi pencil skirt. But the real star of the show here is the long mixed media jacket that adds modern edge. The jacket has a fluid fit with a structured shoulder line, so the longer length does not overwhelm our petite blogger. It hits Medge mid-thigh, and because the light stone colour is low-contrast against the skirt underneath, it creates a visually calming effect and flattering proportions. The tan heels add height, while the embossed patent leather clutch gives the whole an understated luxe feeling. As a jewellery gal, Medge also threw in a pair of statement earrings and a link bracelet.

Medge Beauvoir - 6

Medge Beauvoir - 6

You may have noticed that Medge’s favourite denim silhouette is the skinny jean. I’m particularly taken with this pale blue pair, because the vibe is feminine and playful. A fun change to white denim, but as crisp-looking when paired with other white items. For an easy, polished look, Medge is wearing her jeans with an untucked, rounded hem tee. The low, open neckline works well with the collarless, mixed-media style jacket. It’s a great length on our petite blogger when worn with high heels. The black tipped edges and marled grey sleeves add outfit depth, while allowing the neutral colours to shine. A rose gold watch and the caramel accents in Medge’s hair complement the soft colour palette. The dressy, light blue bag creates visual coherence. Finally, also note how the larger size plays well with our blogger’s petite frame.
Browse the rest of Medge’s outfits on her blog, or check out her pinboards for more visual inspiration, but first let us know in the comments what you think of our blogger’s polished petite style.