Pointy toe footwear, although always in style, is currently extremely fashionable. And there’s no stopping the trend judging by what’s on the catwalks right now. So I’m redoing this poll to check whether you’ve swapped teams. 

You’re on Team Pointy Toes if you prefer them to round toes and vice versa. Note that almond toes count as pointy toes. 

I love the look of a non-chunky round toe, and wear them myself. In fact, I’m about to invest in an expensive pair of classic round toe loafers, so there you go. But the ‘80s gal in me loves a pointy toe. Pointy toe shoes look extra ladylike and refined, which appeals to my style persona. The style is also a better visual match for my low volume feet and small framed ankle. My feet tend to drown in chunky shoes. I’ve managed to build up a large collection of pointy toed footwear since we last took this poll, and as a result I wear pointy toes more frequently than round toes. I’ve swapped sides and now bat for Team Pointy Toe. 

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Pointy Toe or Team Round Toe? Tell us why and no batting for both sides. But feel free to sit this one out on the bench with mac ’n cheese, and pear crumble.