Here’s an easy holiday outfit formula that’s based on a sparkly sweater. Dress it up for a fancier bash, or dress it down for a casual setting. A sparkly sweater is a versatile piece that comes in handy, so if you come across one that fits the bill, buy it. It will probably save you from some holiday dressing stress later on. 

I’ve created three outfit combinations to get you started. The renditions on the left are dressier, while the rendition on the right dresses up a pair of distressed jeans.

Here are the components: 

Sparkly Sweater: Metallic knitted pullovers in gold, bronze, silver and pewter are a slam dunk. But sparkly sweaters in black, navy, burgundy, charcoal and blush are fun too. If you don’t have a sparkly sweater, try a sparkly upscale sweatshirt or top with sequins. Choose any silhouette as long as there is glitz and shine in the top. Wear the sweater untucked if that looks best, or partially tuck with a belt. 

Bottoms: There are many, many silhouettes of bottom to wear with a sparkly sweater so do think outside the box. I’ve kept the colours solid, but patterned bottoms are another way to go. 

  • Dressy: Pair a sparkly sweater with a pencil skirt or flared skirt. A feathered skirt is a fun idea, as are silky harem pants or upscale track pants. Jacquard pants, cigarette pants, cropped pants, dressy flared trousers or culottes are more options. You’ll find that black bottoms work well with most sparkly tops. 
  • Casual: Pick a pair of jeans in any style or wash of blue denim. Black, grey or white jeans are further options. If coloured or patterned jeans work with the sparkly sweater, go for it. 

Footwear: Choose dressy footwear for either rendition. After all, this is a party. If you’re going to wear boots, err on the dressy side. Think pumps in black or a metal, or any other type of festive shoe. Animal print footwear tends to work quite well too. 

Accessories: I vote clutch all the way, and a whimsical style adds a humourous dimension to the outfit. Add a belt if your outfit looks better with one, and wear hosiery for warmth and a dressier touch. Remember that nude knee-highs work well with pumps and jeans if you want to look bare-legged but prefer the insulation. Fascinators are a festive way to finish off the party look. Add jewellery, eyewear and watch as desired. 

Top the whole lot off with a jacket or coat that’s weather appropriate. And by all means wear this outfit formula during the day. Daytime sparkle is completely mainstream and as strong a trend as ever.

Holiday Ensemble: Sparkly Sweater Dressed Up or Down