10 Ways to Shop Charitably This Season: The Huffington Posts lists 10 brands that use part of their profits to give back to the community.

Refinery29 did some research and presents The Smart Girl’s Guide To Loyalty Programs.

BoF reports that in an effort to entice customers to use their services, PayPal and Google Wallet are offering holiday deals and discounts.

Fab Links from Our Members

Laurinda reports that Australian TV anchor Karl Stefanovic wore the same navy blue suit for a year to show the different dress code requirements for men and women. Now he is auctioning off the well-worn suit for a campaign to end violence against women. Update: Deborah kindly let us know that the suit was sold for $10,000. The guy who bought it owns and runs a resort that specializes in wedding events and he is going to have the suit available for hire. Any money made from it will go to the White Ribbon organization.

Approprio enjoyed this wonderful video about the craftsmen of London’s Savile Row, home to the last of the bespoke tailors in Britain.

Several forum members have expressed interest in dressing for your personal contrast levels. Milehighstyle (Linda) points us in the direction of Imogen’s post with photos and detailed explanations of how it all works.

Dianthus found Accidental Icon’s post “Clothing Matters As In Grey Matter” very interesting.

Angie loves Catherine’s killer tartan scarf outfit. Simple, on trend, practical, comfortable, and equally dramatic. She would also like to share Sally’s list of clothing resources for tall gals.

Laura stumbled upon these location-enabled jackets for navigating around Paris.

Carole loved Imogen’s recent post on determining if an article of clothing will date quickly.

In this era of fast fashion, Vildy would like to share an article that talks about the Japanese tradition of Boro: items of clothing sewn from hemp that “would be maintained throughout the owner’s lifetime, or perhaps even longer”.

Suz was fascinated by this short history of why Asians wear surgical masks — aside from the obvious fears of pollution, that is.

Lyn D. recently thrifted a Mulberry handbag, and wanted to share the Festive Film on their website.