It’s the day before Thanksgiving, which means that the holiday season has officially started in the US. So lets talk about your preferred dress code for the holidays. Do you like to dress up, or keep it low key and casual? 

During the holidays I like the combination of dressing up for fancy events, AND keeping it casual, yet festive, with a pair of jeans or trousers for more relaxed settings. I usually wear a dressy pair of trousers with a pullover for the Thanksgiving day feast with friends. Sometimes I pull out a fun full midi skirt and pair it with a fluid and welted pullover. 

I like to be extra dressy for our annual holiday dinner with close friends in December. The men go all out and wear suits, so I like to wear a more formal outfit like a lace skirt with a sparkly top, a suit, or a party dress. Sometimes we also have a fancy holiday bash at home, and I request a formal dress code. That way I can wear my party dress again. 

I enjoy dressing up jeans for Christmas Eve dinner, which we often have at a restaurant. This year I’ll probably wear my Glitzy Urban Equestrian outfit. I’m usually in fancy trousers with a fluid top for Christmas day, which we also tend to spend with friends and family. This year I feel like wearing my ink blue silky upscale track pants with a sparkly blue pullover and gold booties. A day or two before New Year we usually go out to a more casual restaurant for dinner, so I’m back to dressing up a pair of jeans.

Although I wear both dressy and smart casual clothes over the holidays, I do feel robbed of a fun fashion moment when we don’t have an extra dressy event scheduled. I am Team Dressy for the Holidays. 

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Casual or Team Dressy for the Holidays? Tell us why and no batting for both teams. But if you’re sitting this one out on the bench because you can’t pick a side, I’ve arranged a vegetarian curry with sticky rice, banana salad and cucumber atchar.