The flannel plaid shirt has lots of potential because it’s a modern classic piece that can become what you want it to be. Dress it up with sequins, remix it with other patterns, or dress it down with a pair of rugged boots. Versatile, practical and cost-effective. 

Remember that plaid shirts do not need to look traditionally tailored and fit in a conventionally flattering sense, which eliminates some of the fit challenges often associated with button-down shirts. They look better fashionably fluid or oversized, and are more comfortable that way too. Add a little structure by partially or fully tucking the shirt into bottoms, so that you don’t feel like you’re wearing a sack.

Here are three more reasons to invite a plaid shirt into your wardrobe if you haven’t already done so. 

  1. Cozy Factor: I like the look of shirts layered under knitwear and jackets, but find that the crisp fabric of my Summer shirts is not what I want to wear in Autumn and Winter. The fabric is cold and hard against my skin, which puts me off unless it’s an unseasonably warm day. Plaid shirts, on the other hand, are flannel and therefore cozy and extra soft against your skin (like flannel pajamas). They also feel warmer despite their 100% cotton content.
  2. Instant Outfit Interest: A plaid shirt is a simple casual wardrobe item, but it adds instant outfit interest. It’s one way to amp up your stay-at-home style because of the pattern and its layering potential. 
  3. Boyish Charm: It might be just what you need to toughen up an overly girly outfit. Its boyish charm creates interesting juxtapositions when paired with dainty heels, flouncy skirts, pencil skirts, glitz or chunky bib necklaces. Often when a pretty blouse feels too precious with a particular bottom, a plaid shirt feels just right. 

I have a flannel shirt in a white-red-blue combination from a couple of years ago that is still going strong. I added another three flannel shirts to my wardrobe this season for the reasons above. I added one in a black-white plaid, one in charcoal-cream, and one in citron-pink. I wear these shirts frequently and I’m glad to have an assortment of plaids.

Over to you. Have you joined the Plaid Party, or do you need further convincing that a flannel plaid shirt is a good piece to add to your cold weather wardrobe.