This is the most popular Mum on the Go casual outfit formula with my clients at the moment because it’s fast, fashionable and comfortable. It’s all about the chunky or semi-chunky, fluid or oversized, statement pullover that’s an easy pull-on-and-go piece over jeans or casual bottoms. Add a pair of boots and a bag, and Bob’s your uncle. 

Karen Millen Tweed TunicKaren Millen Aztec Knit

Choose any colour palette. Here are the components:

Sweater: You’re after a super cozy BIG pullover, either solid or patterned, with a neckline of your choice. Remember that a welted hem, high-low hemline, or any style of cocoon shape silhouette that tapers back onto the hip will give the sack-like silhouette ample structure. Tapered sleeves add further structure. Opt for a length that is sufficiently long to cover the top part of the leg if you’re shy about showcasing that part of the body. Otherwise, a length that grazes the crotch point is fine. 

A camisole, thermals or long-sleeved tee under the sweater provides extra insulation if the draught is a little chilly for your liking. 

Jeans or Casual Pants: Choose relaxed skinnies (or slim-fit boyfriend jeans), straight leg jeans, Ponte pants or leather jeggings. Roll the hems to showcase bootie detailing, or wear them unrolled. Bootcuts will also work because they’re fitted on the thigh, providing structure for the sweater. 

Casual Boots: Choose booties, mid-calf styles, or knee-high casual boots that are flat or heeled. Wedge sneakers are another option. 

Accessories: Finish off the look with a shoulder bag, crossbody, hobo or satchel. Wear a hat like a newsboy, haute baseball cap or beanie if you fancy headgear. Or add a scarf for textural interest. Add jewellery, eyewear and watch as desired. 

Top the whole lot off with a coat that fits over the sweater. It’s best not to choose a sweater with a dolman sleeve because that makes fitting the coat, unless it’s a cape or cocoon shape, a lot more tricky. 

Mom on the Go Ensemble: The Statement Sweater

Some of my stay at home, or work from home clients have made this outfit formula their cold weather uniform because its simplicity and coziness cannot be beat. They have an assortment of sweaters in a range of thicknesses and colours with bottoms to match. A capsule of good looking weatherproof boots is the finishing touch. Current and practical.