I love lipstick. I wear it every day, apply it several times a day, and don’t feel completely dressed without it. I’m not all that adventurous with colours and prefer to keep them fairly light, subtle and warm. I enjoy how accentuating the colour and shine on the lip adds polish and textural interest to an outfit. Lipstick can also brighten up the shade of a top that is quite dull and lifeless against your natural complexion. 

I’ve been a M.A.C lipstick fan for years. A few years ago I ventured into Laura Mercier’s Lip Glacé and started to enjoy a thin layer on top of my lipstick for extra sheen and moisture. More recently, while helping Inge navigate her way through tinted moisturizer and new shades of lipstick, I stumbled upon Laura Mercier’s Stickgloss. Wow. This is my new favourite lipstick because it’s a brilliant combination of lipstick and gloss that is very moisturizing and not at all sticky. After seeing how stunning the shade of Black Orchid was on Inge, I promptly bought the Patchoulie and Courtisane to complement the cognac accessories and footwear I’ve been sporting for Fall. I’ve been using Stickgloss daily since I bought it and I’m not looking back.

A new shade of lipstick or gloss can be a fun and easy way to cost-effectively refresh your style. What’s your favourite lipstick?