Belting long cardigans at the natural waist was very fashionable about six years ago. After that fashion surrendered the waistline more dramatically each season, making the unstructured billowing cardigan a far more on trend silhouette. I haven’t reported on 2015 Spring collections yet, but the defined waistline stood out in outfit after outfit that came down the runway. More on that later. For now, I want to focus on the “new” defined waist with the belted long cardigan. 

My clients had mixed feelings about belting long cardigans when it was fashionable several seasons ago. Those who wore the look tended to have relatively small waistlines that they enjoyed showcasing. The effect was slimming, conventionally flattering, and looked polished. Those who did not care for the combination found that reining in the volume of a cardigan with a belt created bulk on an area that they were already self-conscious about, making them feel the opposite of streamlined. It was uncomfortable when they sat down because the belt dug into their midsections. Plus, wearing a waist belt with low-rise jeans felt a little odd because there were waistbands on two different parts of the body. 

Wearing a waist belt with stretch is a more comfortable option. Belting a less chunky cardigan creates a more streamlined effect, especially from the side. Creating a low contrast between the belt and the cardigan offsets the strong horizontal line of the belt. It’s also a nice idea to match the colour of the belt with the bottoms for extra outfit cohesion.

Back when I had a long cardigan, I did wear it belted a few times and I liked the look. I didn’t find it uncomfortable, and it was streamlined and polished. These days I’m not a cardigan gal and don’t want to add any to my wardrobe. But I love looks like the ones below on others, and am pretty sure many of my clients will enjoy wearing belted long cardigans again. Both casual and dressy renditions are fab. Add a pair of trousers and heels and it’s a lovely way to wear a long cardigan for business casual. If you do like to wear cardigans and belts, it’s a great way to change up your look.

Over to you. What’s your take on belting long cardigans?