Combining jeans with a long sleeved T-shirt, tunic cardigan, booties and crossbody bag is a winning Fall outfit formula for my Mum on the Go clients because it’s casual, practical and comfortable. Some add a belt, eyewear, scarf and headgear for extra pizzazz, but these bells and whistles are not essential. Keeping the look simple is just as fab. 

It is, however, important to update the components of the outfit formula so that the combination looks fashionable and feels fresh. In this case the most important fashion pieces to get right are the cardigan, bag and booties. The tee and scarf can be classic. The haute baseball cap is the fashion forward cherry on top.

I’ve created three neutral renditions to get the ball rolling, each with a different vibe. An earthy and rich version on the left, a graphic look in the middle, and a hard-edged version on the right. 

Here are the components:

Long Cardigan: Make sure the style is current. You’re after a tunic length in a fluid or oversized fit. The volume of the silhouette can be created by round arty flounces that drape like a waterfall. Or by straighter lines that fall away from the body thereby creating a more angular drape. Cocoon shapes that taper at the hem are excellent, as are swing or trapeze styles. The toffee style here is extra long, angular and masculine. The grey is cocoon shaped. And the black is a little more flouncy and swingy. 

Layering Piece: A tailored or slouchy tee is ideal. A button-down shirt or knitted top is another way to go. Or even a lightweight pullover for added insulation. Leave the layering piece untucked, or partially tuck the front and add a belt. 

Jeans: Choose relaxed skinnies, skinnies, boyfriend jeans or straight leg jeans. Blue, black and grey jeans are the most practical for Mums on the go. White jeans can work for gals on the go who don’t have dear little dirty hands to deal with when out and about with kids. Leave the hems rolled or unrolled. 

Booties: Wear current casual booties to amp up the fashionable integrity of the outfit. Flat or heeled is fab. Go with a slightly pointier toe, almond toe, or longer round toe. Combine an all black rendition with non-black booties. I’ve chosen simple styles that are fairly refined, but chunkier, more ornate, and tougher styles will work well too. 

Accessories: Belts, eyewear, watch, headgear, jewellery and scarves are optional. Scarves add outfit interest, and hats are always eye-catching. I vote the Sporty Luxe haute baseball cap in tweed, wool or leather for the most trendy look. But beanies, newsboys and wool fedoras are fun too. Bags need to be extra practical for Mums on the go, so think crossbody, shoulder bag or upscale backpack. 

Build an entire MOTG Fall Capsule around this outfit formula, and wear a daily “uniform” if you want to keep your look super simple and easy to manage. Make sure you have a fabulous assortment of jeans, current cardigans, layering tees, and booties across the colours that tickle your fancy. Change up the look with scarves, hats and bags, and Bob’s your uncle. Top the lot off with a roomy coat for colder temperatures.

MOTG Ensemble