This ensemble was inspired by a very positive reaction to the denim skirts fringe trend. There are countless ways to style a denim pencil skirt, but I’m kickstarting your creative process by suggesting three easy outfit combinations. They all combine trendy and classic pieces, refreshing the look of the skirt. I’ve used mostly neutrals with a hint of colour, but feel free to choose a palette that is more to your taste. 

Choose a denim pencil skirt in any wash and colour. I’ve used a basic faded denim pencil in the outfit on the left, a new look quilted denim pencil skirt from J.Crew in the centre, and a black waxed denim pencil skirt on the right. 

Here are the components for each ensemble.

Denim Skirt with Sweatshirt & Bomber Jacket

Combine a denim pencil skirt with an upscale sweatshirt and top it off with a bomber jacket. Keep the jacket unzipped to create a vertical line down the front of the body. Finish off the look with booties and a satchel. If bomber jackets aren’t your thing, wear a moto or cropped boxy jacket. I kept the palette black and white for graphic effect. Throw in a pair of patterned booties for extra interest. 

Denim Skirt with Welted Pullover or Blouse

Combine a denim skirt with a fully or partially tucked blouse or button-down shirt. Add a belt if the skirt has belt loops. Or pair the skirt with an interesting welted pullover like a style with a woven collar. Finish off the outfit with tall black boots, booties, peep-toe booties loafers or pumps, and a bag of your choice. By all means throw in patterned footwear if that’s more your cup of tea. Pop a trench coat or moto over the lot for extra insulation. 

Denim Skirt with High-Low Pullover & Trench Coat

Pair a denim skirt with a roomy and fashionable untucked high-low pullover. The higher hemline in front provides structure, which offsets the oversized fit of the pullover. Finish off the outfit with tall boots, booties, peep-toe booties, loafers or pumps. Add a trench coat as a topper, and jewellery, eyewear and watch as desired. 

Sport bare legs with booties and tall boots while the weather is mild. As things cool down, add hosiery to the ensemble. I look forward to seeing your refreshed denim skirt outfits in the forum. 

Denim Skirt Ensemble