The classic plaid shirt is a versatile piece that can be manipulated to look fashionable and modern based on its support act. There are many, many ways to wear a plaid shirt for Fall, and I’ve started the ball rolling here with two outfit formulas. The casual rendition on the left pairs a plaid shirt with denim. The rendition on the right dresses the shirt up with lace, leather and heels. 

Choose a fluid, long sleeved button-through plaid shirt in a colour combination that tickles your fancy. Scrunch or roll up the sleeves for extra structure (and to showcase your forearms for a little allure).

Here are the components of the two different vibes. 

Plaid Shirt with Jeans and Booties

The main components of the ensemble are simple, but it’s the finishing touches that take the look to the next level. Pair a plaid shirt with a pair of boyfriend jeans or straight leg jeans. Choose blue, black, grey or white denim. Tuck or partially tuck the shirt. Add casual booties and a matching belt. I’ve chosen cognac because the combination looks fresh, but any neutral pair of booties with a matching belt will pull the look together.

To dress up the combination, add metallic loafers or pumps in a neutral. Pick a belt that works with the footwear. For further bling, add a bib necklace or sequin camisole. Or layer the sequin camisole over an untucked plaid shirt to wear it as a vest. 

Plaid Shirt with Lace Skirt or Leather Leggings

Wear a dressy bottom, like a lace, sequin or jacquard skirt. Choose a dressier pair of trousers, like leather leggings or tuxedo pants, if skirts aren’t your thing. Tuck or partially tuck the plaid shirt into the skirts or tuxedo pants. Wear the shirt untucked over leather leggings. Wear booties, metallic loafers or pumps that work with the colour spectrum of the outfit. Add jewellery, eyewear and watch as desired. 

If you need a topper, choose a moto, blazer, trench coat, or short boxy jacket. A short wool coat works too. I bet you can shop your closet for this one. 

Plaid Shirts: Casual & Dressy