This frock outfit is little sister to the one I posted last week with big white sneakers and backpack. The vibe is almost as casual, but less sporty and a lot prettier. Topshop’s Boutique Silk Shirt Dress is the other dress I bought for summer. Its strict shirt integrity, luxurious fabric, longer sleeves, and sufficient length made it love at first sight. I also like the interesting breast pockets, the concealed button-stand that creates a vertical line down the front of the dress, and the way a softer shade of dark blue is created in sunlight. 

Flag Dress - Shade

Flag Dress - Distance

Unlike the denim shirt dress, which I altered to look different from how it was styled by the retailer, I wear this dress exactly as the online photo suggests: buttoned to the top and hanging like a shapeless sack. Wearing it with a belt would ruin the angular drape of the dress that I find so appealing. Wearing it with a topper would further ruin the silhouette. The dress looks best on its own and is therefore reserved for hot days without the arctic chill of air conditioning.  

Flag Dress - Silhouette

Flag Dress - Jetty

Despite the billowing volume of the dress, there are two reasons I don’t feel like it’s wearing me. First, the silk is as light as a feather, which makes the dress look and feel dainty. The lightweight silk moves and drapes into all sorts of shapes, much like a flag blowing in the wind, which is why I call this my Flag Dress. A heavier cotton would not create the same type of movement that is a feature of this dress. And second, there is just enough structure created by the snug neckline fit, tapered elbow sleeves, and above-the-knee length. The immense volume also creates a slight asymmetrical line and tapering on the hem, which creates further structure. 

Flag Dress - Sunlight

Flag Dress - Jetty Backpack

The shirt dress is made of dressy fabric, which makes heeled sandals and ankle strap pumps a good complement. But I haven’t worn it that way yet, and don’t know if I will. So far I’m more interested in styling it with a casual support act to create a modern and fashionable 2014 juxtaposition. This is the exact same dress that I used in three casual ensembles a few months ago, where I combined it with white sneakers and a backpack. Here I’m wearing casual white loafers instead of sneakers, but carrying the same backpack.

Flag Dress - Fishing

Flag Dress - Back

I love the outfit with white sneakers, but slightly prefer the loafers. These loafers have become workhorses that I wear many times a week. I find white more versatile than metallic shoes, probably because they make me happier and so I gravitate to them more frequently. Silver watch and wedding ring are all I need in the jewellery department.

A breezy dress made of a natural fibre is an extremely ventilating outfit option for a hot Summer’s day. Pairing it with comfortable walking shoes, a practical bag and sunglasses means I am ready to walk for miles in the heat and enjoy every second of it. A dress with billowing volume is not a conventionally flattering silhouette and quite the acquired taste. But there is something liberating and fun about delicate silk swooshing around as you stride.

Flag Dress - No Swimming

Flag Dress - Backpack & Loafers