Boyfriend jeans have become completely mainstream over the last few years, and are the style of denim on the runway. They are “relaxed”, which means that they are roomier than tailored jeans. Furthermore, you can choose how baggy and slouchy you want them to be. Wear them slim-fit, much like relaxed skinnies or straight legs. Or wear them slouchier and baggier all over. On the slouchy end of the spectrum you’ll need to wear them with a belt. This opens up a whole new world of fun belts and tucking or partially tucking tops, which is another refreshing fashion trend.

I love boyfriend jeans and most of my clients do too. Denim across a variety of washes is most popular, but white is gaining momentum this year. We enjoy wearing boyfriend jeans for four reasons. 

They Are Very Comfortable

This is the most popular reason. A relaxed fit around the legs, hips and waist is more comfortable than a tight one. And these days, wearing comfortable clothing is a higher priority than it used to be. Baggier jeans are also breezier than tight skinnies or straight legs because they’re shorter and looser. This means that wearing them on a warm Summer’s day is an option, whereas tight jeans are out of the question.

They Are Great in Transitional Weather

Boyfriend jeans are great to wear when it’s too cold for shorts, a skirt or a dress, but too warm to wear full length jeans. The rolled hems provide ventilation, while the fabric and length provide sufficient coverage. Plus you can wear boyfriend jeans with booties into Fall and again in the Spring. We often have transitional weather in Seattle, so the style makes perfect sense in this neck of the woods.  

They Are Fashionable

Fluid and oversized, both on the top and bottom, are the fits in fashion. If you enjoy wearing trendy jeans, boyfriend jeans are the way to go. Irregular juxtapositions dominate 2014 fashion, which makes wearing boyfriend jeans with girly pieces like lace and dainty ankle strap footwear a fun combination.

They Provide Denim Variety

If you wear jeans frequently, boyfriend jeans add another silhouette variation to your repertoire. I’ve found that this is especially important for Mum-on-the-Go clients who wear jeans a lot of the time. For a while, there was nothing on offer but skinnies, baby bootcuts and flares. Many have fallen out of love with bootcuts. Flares are harder to wear in our climate because soggy hems are awful. And tight straight legs don’t provide enough of a change to skinnies. Boyfriend jeans do a brilliant job of changing things up.

Furthermore, it may sound counter intuitive, but boyfriend jeans are a fab fit on pear shaped ladies because wearing a belt sorts out the problem of a too large waist. No alteration required, but remember to wear them a little lower on the waist and closer to your hip bones. Plus, there is ample room on the thigh area, which ensures a flattering fit. 

I love boyfriend jeans, and wear them very regularly. They initially piqued my interest as a knee-jerk reaction to the body-con trend. And since a Tomboy gene is very much alive in my style, it was a good fit. Plus, I love the variety and injection of fashion they bring to my denim capsule. I have three pairs of blue and two pairs of white across premium and non-premium brands. Some are slim-fit, more like relaxed skinnies, and others are very slouchy. The blue denim is faded but sans holes. I especially love my white boyfriend jeans because white denim is dressier than faded blue denim. It’s a great option for when I need to look dressier but would prefer to wear jeans.

Over to you. Are you wearing boyfriend jeans? If so, why do you like wearing them? Do the reasons above resonate with you?