You bat for Team Spring Fashion if you prefer it to Fall Fashion and vice versa. It doesn’t matter how short your season is because it’s all about the kinds of clothes and outfits you enjoy wearing the most. 

Autumn is my favourite season because the breathtakingly beautiful foliage launches me into orbit every year. But when it comes to fashion, I’m no longer sure. In previous years I would have batted for Team Fall Fashion without a shadow of a doubt. But the absolutely brilliant season for Spring 2014 has made it harder for me to choose. I particularly love the colours and crisp fabrications that are offered in Spring collections, as well as the large number of white wardrobe items.

Then again, I love the richness and the cozy textures of Fall collections. Fall jackets, coats and knitwear are a gorgeous weight. They usually drape extra well because they are heavier than Spring items. 

I can’t choose, so I’m sitting this one out on the bench with fresh Thai spring rolls, peanut sauce and a Shirley Temple. Over to you. Do you bat for Team Spring or Team Fall Fashion? Tell us why, no batting for both teams, but feel free to join me on the bench. I have a hunch that Team Fall Fashion will win this race.