Last Friday I posted my top picks for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I love the NAS because it gives me the opportunity to buy a few nice, new season pieces at much lower prices than normal. The sheer amount of product can be hard to navigate, but I have the benefit of spending a week combing through the items with my clients. 

I hope that my lists of top picks help you to navigate the overwhelming number of items that are on sale. After all, the goal of shopping a sale isn’t to buy more items, it is to buy fewer items more intelligently.

This year I used the new collections feature of YLF Finds to keep track of the items. I thought I would share the collections for anyone who would prefer to browse the items visually. Click the collections below to see all the items along with my notes for each item.

Note that if you’re a member, you can also create collections like these to keep track of your outfits, your wardrobe capsules or anything else where you need to group items together. Check out Greg’s post for more information.