Some of my clients and friends swear by heel cushions or heel cups that are available at drugstores for under ten dollars. They provide foot comfort in two ways:

  1. The cushioning part of the insole relieves heel pain by absorbing the pressure that is created when walking or running. 
  2. The heel cushion or cup lifts the back of the foot, preventing the uncomfortable rubbing and blisters caused by closed shoes like loafers, sneakers, flats and pumps. Heel cushions or cups can also reduce rubbing in ankle strap shoes by changing the position of the strap on the ankle. When no amount of BodyGlide prevents rubbing at the back of your ankle, the lift of a heel cushion can make all the difference.

Heel cushions and cups fit into closed shoes easily and invisibly. You might need to use a little double-sided tape to keep them in place though. They also work quite well in sandals or pumps with open backs and ankle straps. They are visible but not overtly noticeable. That’s a small price to pay for happy feet.

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